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Are You A First-Generation College Student?

Am I A First Generation College Student?

Am I a first generation college student if my siblings went to college?

A first-gen is a student who is going to a community college or a four-year college or university as the first person in their household/family to do so. You can be a first-gen if you are the first person from your family to attend college, or if your sibling went and you are going, too.

Am I a first generation college student if my parent has an associate's degree?

Yes, in most contexts. A first-gen student is generally defined as someone whose parents haven't earned a bachelor's degree before the child was born. In other words, if a parent receives a bachelor's while a child is in high school or college, the child is still considered first generation.

Am I a first generation college student if my parent attended college but did not finish their program?

If your parents took a few college classes or even completed community college, you will quite often be considered first-generation. Yes, being a first-generation student means that your parent(s) did not complete a 4-year college or university degree, regardless of other family member's level of education.


I have a mom who went to a trade school (no degree, just diploma) , and my father dropped out of college. Does that make me a first-generation applicant since I will be the first child to attend a 2-or 4-year college.

Yes, if you are the first person who will attend and graduate from a 2-year or 4 year college or university, then you are a First Gen. 


I grew up in the foster care system. My biological family did not attend college. I just recently went through an adult adoption. My family (adopted family) has completed university. Do I qualify as first generation student?

Yes, you would qualify because you were raised by foster parents. 


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