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Professional Employment History
Please list two personal references that will provide a short description of why you would make a great First Gen Success mentor. A separate form is provided for those recommendations.
Additional Information

1. Have you ever been a mentor? If so, please describe your past experience as a mentor.

2. Are you willing to travel with your scholar at least twice a year (for college tours, volunteer impact programs, etc.)?

3. What do you feel are your top three strengths?

4. Please Describe your self. Personal Essay

5. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you that will help us make a good match?

Personal Statement

Why do you want to become a First Gen Success Mentor?

Statemet Of Commitment

We will do our best to match you with a scholar who has similar interests for the upcoming year. You are expected to check in with your scholar weekly, meet with your scholar for 2-3 hours a month in person, and make your best effort to attend the planned group activities. You will receive a schedule of planned events in advance and will be expected to encourage your scholar to attend. In order to gain the most from the program, you need to make an effort just like the scholars. Please answer the following questions by initialing if you agree with the statements:

Can you commit to participate in First Gen’s mentoring program for a minimum of one year from the time you are matched with a student?       

Are you willing to communicate regularly and openly with program staff, provide monthly information regarding your mentoring activities, and receive feedback regarding any difficulties during your participation in the mentoring program?  

Are you willing to attend mentor training session(s)? 

Will you try your best to meet with your scholar every week?

Will you try your best to attend every group event?      

Will you try your best to attend every group event?      

Do you agree to complete a background check?

Mentor interviews with the First Gen Success Board will occur on June 13, 2020. Will you be able to participate in an interview on that day?

A pre-kickoff celebration will be held on July 11, 2020 for accepted mentors and scholars, if notified of your position as a mentor, will you be able to attend?

Is there anything you’d like for us to know regarding your flexibility in terms of being able to meet with your scholar during school hours?

Sugar Creek High School has a permission slip that parents sign to give permission to transport students. If necessary, are you willing and able to provide transportation for your scholar with parental/guardian permission?

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